Georgia Air Quality and Climate Summit

  May 4-5, 2006


Georgia Air Quality and Climate Summit: May 3-4, 2006

At the inaugural Georgia Air Quality and Climate Summit, a broad array of leading stakeholders came together to share individual concerns amid a common cause: Georgia's atmosphere.

Session topics included: alternative fuels, prescribed burning, economy, health, hurricanes and drought, planning, justice and equity, air toxics, atmospheric modeling, and public communications.

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Faculty Members

  School of Civil & Environmental Engineering
     - Armistead "Ted" Russell (Director)
     - Michael Bergin
     - Jim Mulholland
     - Talat Odman
     - Peter Webster

  School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
     - Carlos Cardelino
     - Michael Chang
     - Judith Curry
     - Greg Huey
     - Thanos Nenes
     - Rodney Weber
     - Yuhang Wang

  School of Public Policy
     - Ann Bostrom
     - Douglas Noonan


About the Air Resources Engineering Center

The Air Resources Engineering Center (AREC) is an Institute-wide catalyst for research in air quality and its effects, air pollution and its control, and climate change and its regional impacts. Through the Center, investigators from a wide range of disciplines - including the physical and life sciences, applied engineering, economics, and social sciences - work together to address current needs and identify emerging issues related to air resources in the Southeastern United States, with a particular emphasis on Georgia.


The Mission of AREC is to initiate, facilitate, and coordinate independent and joint research programs in air resources. The Center accomplishes its mission by leading and lending expertise for developing proposals, managing projects, and providing outreach and information and technology transfer to federal, state, and local decision-makers, as well as the media and general public. AREC also coordinates the use of many shared resources that are important for major field and laboratory investigations.

Air Resources Engineering Center
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Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332-0512
Phone: 404-894-3079